Our Second Project!


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It looks like there is big news for Students for Amani!

We are very excited to announce that from August 2021 we will start to support a second project, Hilfe für rumänische Waisenkinder e. V

For more than 24 years, "Hilfe für rumänische Waisenkinder e. V." has been helping orphaned children in Romania.

Thanks to the support of the donors, the association built two care homes. Each house shelters 12 children providing them with a familiar environment where they can grow and receive all the support they need to develop. 

Our Contribution 

We decided to support the project by donating €1500 per year, to pay for one of the teachers helping the kids with their school works. Thus, ensuring that each kid receives the attention necessary to acquire all the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed. 

Why we chose this project


After celebrating 2 years of Students for Amani we realised that it was time for us to grow and embark into a new adventure. We started to look into possible projects to support and ultimately we decided to pick up a project in Europe to be able to visit the care home more easily. 


Moreover, three main factors convinced us that the project was right for us

1. Our contribution would go entirely to the children

2. The focus of the project is to enable the children to become independent and pick up skills that will help them in their education and career

3. We can directly see the impact of our donations


This is only the first step of our growth and we hope to support many other projects in the future! 

If you want to know more about our second project visit our Projects section.

Yoga for a Good Cause!


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​​On June 26 we organised a yoga event in Zurich to promote physical and mental health and raise awareness for our projects. It was a chance to meet with some of our supporters in Switzerland. 

The event was a success thanks to our awesome teacher, Michèle. 

In total, we managed to raise €315, what an achievement! We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and donated to Students for Amani. 


As Students for Amani will start to support its second project the money raised is extremely helpful to reach our goal of €1500 to pay for a teacher helping orphans in a care home in Romania. If you want to learn more about our second project visit our project section.

The event was a success and it was a moment to share our goal for the future of the organisation and why it is important to support sustainable local projects that are an added value for the entire local community. 

We hope you enjoy it too and to be able to meet you in person again very soon!


Happy Birthday Students For Amani



Students for Amani is already two years old!


To celebrate our birthday, we decided to do something special. After all, you are two years old only once!


We organized a series of events during the week of our birthday to have a chance to meet our supporters and spend some time together.

Cooking workshop


The first event of the week was a Kenyan Cooking workshop with the founder of curated culture magazine, Brandy.


Brandy is a Kenyan cooking enthusiast and she taught us how to prepare a typical Kenyan three-course meal


Side dish:









Sukuma Wiki (Stir-fried Kales) Sukuma wiki is the most used green vegetable in Kenya. It is commonly served with Ugali as a side dish.




sukuma wiki leaves raw (200 g)( boerenkool (dutch), kale (English))

1 ripe medium tomato

1/2 a medium red onion

1-2 tsp. cooking oil

Salt to taste

Vegetable Stock cube

Preparation 15 minutes | Cooking 20 minutes | 2 Servings


Main courses:







Mseto wa Viazi (Potatoes in rice) This is a common recipe among Kenyan communities particularly those living in the agricultural areas. It is eaten as a main dish and can be accompanied by a vegetable side dish. Mseto wa viazi is a very basic rice dish and is loved for its ease of preparation. It is normally eaten by the entire family and serves as an infant dish as well.


2 medium potatoes

2 medium carrots

1 medium red onion

1 clove of garlic (optional)

2 ripe medium tomatoes

4 tbsp. cooking oil

1 cup rice (175g) raw (white basmati recommended)

2 cups (434 ml) water

2 tsp. salt,

Vegetable stock cube


Preparation 10 minutes | Cooking 30 minutes | 2 Servings 











Kaimati (Fried Dumplings) Kaimatis get their unique flavor from the style with which yeast is applied on wheat flour. This traditional breakfast dish or day snack is common among the Swahili and Bajuni communities and was inherited from Arab culture. It serves the whole family.




2 cups (280 g) wheat flour, refined

2 cups (447 ml) water (optional coconut cream, a small pack to mix with water)

½ tsp. vanilla essence

½ tsp. cardamoms powder (cinnamon powder is also an option)

1¼ tbsp. (12 g) dry yeast

5 1/8 cups (1000 g) cooking oil (half a litter- to a litter could also be fine for shallow frying)

4 tbsp. sugar


Preparation 20 minutes | Cooking 30 minutes | Serves 4


Sugar syrup

Preparation 1 minute | Cooking 5 minutes



1 cup (200 g) white sugar

½ cup (117ml) water

½ tsp. vanilla essence

Mindfulness Chat


On Thursday we met Lucia to talk about mindfulness and learn how to be more aware of our thoughts and feelings.


Mindfulness is a topic that should not be ignored during these unprecedented times where we are stuck at homes and our mental health is under great pressure.


Lucia is a mindfulness amateur and she shared with us her experience and explain how being more mindful of what happens to her has impacted her life.


Below you can find a video that Lucia used to introduce the topic and kick start the conversation and what is mindfulness











Birthday Quiz

To conclude an amazing week full of events we decided to hold a quiz about Students for Amani our story.


We picked up a winner among our supporters who received a Kenyan hand-made surprise from us. 


We really enjoyed meeting up with you and we cannot wait to host more in-person events when the restrictions will be over!


Thank you for all your supports and Happy Birthday Students for Amani!

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Back to School!



As of the 4th of January Kenya has opened up schools again. This means that all of the children will be able to return to schools. We are really proud of them for managing homeschool so well. As most students across Kenya were not able to attend classes during the pandemic, the government has decided that all the children will start school in the same grade as in 2020. Those kids that usually go to boarding school, cannot stay there overnight at the moment due to COVID-19.

Additionally, until now we have supported 7 children of the care home because the 8th child was too young to go to school. However, she is now in the age of preschool education, which Students for Amani covers as well. Her name is Zawadi and we will be supporting her throughout her academic career. It is very important that she attends the preschool, as this will qualify her to go to a high-quality primary school. Learn more about what she aspires to become in the ‘’Makungu e.V.’’ section of our website!

Finally, since the COVID-19 situation is still quite uncertain, we agreed with the schools to pay the fees monthly instead of upfront for the whole term. By doing so we won’t have to ask the schools to reimburse us in case new government restrictions forcing them to close down are introduced.

Below you can find a detailed breakdown of the costs to support the eight children for the next three terms.

Education Costs 2021:


How we reacted to the pandemic



The outbreak of Covid-19 forced many of our day-to-day tasks to be moved online. After more than six months of online meetings and classes, we are all missing social interactions and we can’t wait for life to get back to normal. However, online classes are not an option in Kenya.


The restrictions imposed by the Kenyan government meant that classes for the children in the Makungu care home were cancelled. Not having the possibility to participate in online classes, we had to explore different options to ensure education to the children whilst respecting the government guidelines.

As schools are closed, there are currently no school fees to cover. Therefore, we decided to hire a personal tutor who will take care of the children homeschooling until Christmas. The tutor will teach primary school children in the morning and the high school student in the afternoon. We are extremely happy that we managed to find a temporary arrangement to ensure that all the kids will receive education notwithstanding the situation.

Kelcy, the tutor, is 29 years old and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Education, Maths and Chemistry. Over the past three years, she worked as a temporary teacher at Oasis St. Luke’s Academy, Bahati Division Academy and Bahati North Girls’ High School. Apart from Kelcy’s excellent curriculum, she showed a true passion for working with children and after her Bachelor’s, she is planning to pursue a Master’s in Child Psychology. We are delighted to work with such a qualified and passionate teacher, and we are sure she will provide the best education possible to all the students.

Transparency is at the heart of what we do, so here it is a breakdown of the monthly costs of hiring a tutor:

  • 12000 KES (92.44 Euros) per month for the primary school children

  • 6000 KES (46.22 Euros) per month for the high school child

  • 4000 KES (30.81 Euros) per month for commuting costs


TOTAL: 22000 KES (169.48 Euros) per month

Exchange rate 1 EUR=129.806 KES (source: xe.com, 18.11.2020)


As this is a crucial moment of their educational path, we wanted to ensure they have access to all the resources available. Education is the key!

Our first appearance in the press!



We are extremely proud to announce that on the 10th of November, we made our debut in the press! NRZ published an article about our story and our mission. We had a chance to talk about our support and collaboration with the Makungu project, the impact of Covid-19 in Kenya and our future goals and ambitions. As schools have been closed due to the pandemic we decided to hire a tutor to ensure access to education during these unprecedented times. We will talk more about our response to covid in the next post! 

If you are curious to read more about it, you can find more information clicking the button below                                 

(German only)

We are finally a registered organisation in Germany!



This week, Anissa and Philipp have signed our registration papers to become an official organisation in Germany. Due to the geographical distances between our team members at the time of the founding of Students for Amani, we have been registered in Switzerland up until now. However, this brought about a few shortcomings, as donations from outside of Switzerland were subject to currency changes. With the German registration, we can now better accommodate EU donors! Additionally, we are finally able to provide donation receipts.

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