We are looking for YOU!

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Are you of the opinion that every child should have the same right, no matter of its origin or
gender? Are you fed up with waiting for others to perceive equality in the world and want to
proactively make the world a better place for children and youth in need? Then you should
join our Students for Amani team!

Some Facts about us and the way we work:

  • We are Students studying in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands

  • As we are globally distant, we cannot meet all the time in person. Hence we have a
    skype call once every week

  • We are all open-minded and welcoming. For sure, you will feel directly part of the

  • Our team members need to be: reliable, self-driven & motivated

  • Please keep in mind that we are doing 100% voluntary work

We are looking for YOU!


We are currently looking for new team members for our partner team. Some details about the position:


  1. Contacting potential sponsors

  2. Maintaining the partnership relations

  3. Elaboration of fundraising strategies

  4. Creating documents for potential sponsors

  5. The external representation of the team and the organization

  6. Writing official documents for external use


Required skills:

  1. Outgoingness and openness

  2. Organizational skills 

  3. Communication skills

  4. Ability to work independently 

  5. Team competence

  6. Reliability

  7. Fluent in written and spoken German and English


If you are interested or would like to receive more information, just send us an email at or message us on our social media! 

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