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I joined Students for Amani because a small effort from my side has an amazing impact on the daily life of someone else.


I decided to join the team as I saw the passion the other members were putting into the project and how access to education could impact the children's future.


It is very common that we complain about little things in life. Let’s try to minimize that and focus on the important things in life. Let’s try to support those who are not as fortunate as we are.


I am convinced that compassion has the power to change the world. Let’s use our resources to empower others to reach realise their goals and dreams.


We are all more privileged than we would like to admit. I want to give back to people that are less privileged than I am. Students for Amani is for me the best way to do so.


For me, being part of Students for Amani means a choice to help young children to become the person they have always wanted to be, and to give them the feeling, that they can accomplish everything in life they are heading for.


We quickly sink into our own little problems, while other people lack basic necessities of life. Let us open our eyes and help each other.


Working together with the SfA team and engaging in new projects supporting children‘s rights has opened a complete new perspective on current affairs and what can be produced when like-minded people get together to pursue a common goal.

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