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Students for Amani supports small-scale projects that protect children’s rights through financial donations and raising awareness. The projects we support are carefully selected in terms of their scale and transparency, their level of social sustainability, and the impact they generate. See the projects you can support below!

Our Project requirements

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Focus on children/youth rights

The consequences of disease, malnutrition, poverty as well as weak emotional, social, cognitive and physical  development threaten the future of children and therefore the future of the societies in which they live. Children are the most promising link of the society and supporting them today can have an incremental impact on the future of the world. At Students for Amani, we believe that children are the key to a better future for everyone.


Socially sustainable

A project is socially sustainable for Students for Amani if it pursues a social purpose that is in agreement with the purpose of our association. In particular, the promotion of education and youth is one of our funding requirements. Sustainable projects are those that guarantee this purpose not only in the short term, but also in the long term. Ultimately, a socially sustainable project should then result in the children we support living an independent and autonomous life.


Small-scale & personal

Students for Amani is in close and regular personal contact with the representatives of the NGOs we aim to support. In this way we can receive regular updates on the development and create a closely-knit relationship. On social media, our website and in our newsletters we are giving donors and partners a regular update on the current state of our work and the projects we support.



We ensure our transparency by basing every cooperation with a partner organisation on a contractual document containing a financial plan that specifies the donation payments and secures them over a period of one year. Furthermore, our contractual partner must commit to issuing invoices and receipts for the expected use of the donations before we release the donations. In relation to our donors, we ensure maximum transparency by informing our supporters and donors on our social media through regular posts and daily information about the projects or related issues. Furthermore, those who wish to be informed about our monthly news can subscribe to our newsletter, which provides a wealth of information and summarises the events of the month. Our regular donors are also given the opportunity to participate in our annual general meetings.

Meet the Projects


Makungu e.V.

Makungu e.V.  is the first project that we as Students for Amani support. The word Makungu is Swahili and translates into “dawn”. This motive stands for new beginnings, hope, as well as reoccurring chances...

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Hilfe für Rumänische Waisenkinder e.V.

This is the second project that we as Students for Amani support. Their goal is to give children without parents a friendly home promoting education and mental health...

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Administrative costs

Students for Amani does not keep any fee from the donations. Differently from other non-profit organisations, we do not charge any administrative fees. All the money donated goes to the project we support...


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