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Support the academic development of 12 orphans in Romania by covering the pro-rata costs of a trained tutor.

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Enable 8 orphans in Kenya to attend good schools by funding the cost of their education.

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Help us cover the administrative costs to enable orphans around the world to access a good education and at the same time escape the cycle of poverty.

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Our Project Requirements

Students for Amani e.V. supports education projects and chooses them based on predetermined requirements. New partnerships are only entered into if these requirements are met. This ensures that the assistance provided only serves its intended purpose and is handled with care.

The following criteria are required for a collaboration with Students for Amani e.V.


Child and youth rights

Children are the key to a better future! We support projects that focus on the mental and physical development of children. Specifically, we focus on projects that allow children to go to school and receive a good education. Our ultimate objective is to provide long-term support that empowers children to break free from the cycle of poverty and improve their future prospects



Maintaining close communication and regular updates with local project leaders is crucial for us. This enables us to have a clear understanding of the specific needs of the children and ensure their successful development. Furthermore, we have a stringent system of documentation and financial oversight for all allocated funds. We ensure that every expense is verifiable and subject to review after each transaction.


Local help

It is essential that child and youth support takes place on a local level. This means that cooperative projects are led and managed by locals who understand the needs of the children, their culture, and the community. This ensures that the children receive the best possible education and can integrate into the society they are familiar with.

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