Students for Amani supports small-scale projects that protect children’s rights through financial donations and raising awareness. The projects we support are carefully selected in terms of their scale and transparency, their level of social sustainability, and the impact they generate. See the projects you can support below!

Our Project requirements

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Focus on children/youth rights


Socially sustainable


Small-scale & personal



Meet the Projects


Makungu e.V.

Makungu e.V.  is the first project that we as Students for Amani support. The word Makungu is Swahili and translates into “dawn”. This motive stands for new beginnings, hope, as well as reoccurring chances...

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Hilfe für Rumänische Waisenkinder e.V.

This is the second project that we as Students for Amani support. Their goal is to give children without parents a friendly home promoting education and mental health...


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