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SfA call outside
SfA call outside

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Co-Chair Meeting
Co-Chair Meeting

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What we do

Students for Amani is a non-profit organisation that was founded by seven students in 2019.


We started this journey as we noticed that many people were eager to donate to a charity but were confronted with the difficulty of finding reliable and trustworthy charities. In addition, we realised that many small organisations with impactful and promising projects do not have enough visibility. 


With this in mind, we have set ourselves the goal to raise awareness of small-scale and transparent projects that support children connecting donors from around the world.​


We focus on small-scale projects as they often lack the visibility and the means necessary to gain wide support. Moreover, donors often want to know exactly where their money is going and which social returns their donations yield. By supporting different small-scale projects, Students for Amani traces exactly this donations’ impact and offers transparency to its supporters.​ Before collaborating with an NGO we determine how the money will be invested and the impact of our donations. 


This allows us to provide a transparent overview to our donors who can directly choose which cause they would like to support when donating.


Together we want to contribute to making a lasting change and a better world for everyone.


If you are interested in our projects, click here.

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Founded & Run

by Students

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Focused on empowering children



We work very closely together, not only within our team but also with the projects we support. Directly witnessing the impact of our work gives us energy. We want to inspire and set an example for other young adults to get involved in charitable work. Remember: It is the little things that count.

The consequences of poverty, weak emotional and social development threaten the future of children. Supporting children’s upbringing today can have an incremental impact on the future state of our society. We believe that children are the key to a better future for everyone.


Students for Amani is in close and regular personal contact with the representatives of the NGOs we aim to support. In this way we can receive regular updates on the development and create a closely-knit relationship. On social media, our website and in our newsletters we are giving donors and partners a regular update on the current state of our work and the projects we support.





Social sustainability is one of our guiding principles. Before collaborating with an NGO, we evaluate whether they generate a socially sustainable impact worth investing in. We focus on lasting educational benefits and empowerment so that our support helps the community become self-sufficient.

Donors want to know exactly where their money is going and which social returns their donations yield. By allowing donors to decide which project they want to support we are able to grant transparency and accountability. We also publish a yearly report containing all the relevant financial and non-financial information. You can download a copy by clicking on the button below.

Check out our past and future events here

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