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How we reacted to the pandemic

Makungu during the pandemic

The outbreak of Covid-19 forced many of our day-to-day tasks to be moved online. After more than six months of online meetings and classes, we are all missing social interactions, and we can’t wait for life to get back to normal. However, online classes are not an option in Kenya.

As schools are closed, there are currently no school fees to cover. Therefore, we decided to hire a personal tutor who will take care of the children's homeschooling until Christmas. The tutor will teach primary school children in the morning and the high school student in the afternoon. We are extremely happy that we managed to find a temporary arrangement to ensure that all the kids will receive an education, notwithstanding the situation.

Kelcy, the tutor, is 29 years old and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Education, Maths and Chemistry. Over the past three years, she worked as a temporary teacher at Oasis St. Luke’s Academy, Bahati Division Academy and Bahati North Girls’ High School. Apart from Kelcy’s excellent curriculum, she showed a true passion for working with children, and after her Bachelor’s, she is planning to pursue a Master’s in Child Psychology. We are delighted to work with such a qualified and passionate teacher, and we are sure she will provide the best education possible to all the students.

Transparency is at the heart of what we do, so here is a breakdown of the monthly costs of hiring a tutor:

  • 12000 KES (92.44 Euros) per month for the primary school children

  • 6000 KES (46.22 Euros) per month for the high school child

  • 4000 KES (30.81 Euros) per month for commuting costs


TOTAL: 22000 KES (169.48 Euros) per month

Exchange rate 1 EUR=129.806 KES (source:, 18.11.2020)


As this is a crucial moment in their educational path, we wanted to ensure they have access to all the resources available. Education is the key!

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