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Hilfe für Rumänische Waisenkinder e.V.

Predefined donation goal

Financial support for a qualified homework supervision for twelve orphaned children

Coverage of expenses

Quarterly transfer of 500 € each, with a total annual amount of 1,500 € per year.

Financial accountability

Direct receipt of wage and work statements after transfer of 
of the funding.

The non-profit organization "Hilfe für Rumänische Waisnkinder e.V." has been helping orphaned children in Romania for over 24 years. Thanks to the support of donors, the organization has been able to build two foster homes. Each house accommodates twelve children and provides them with a familiar environment in which they can grow up and receive all the support they need for their development.


The main goal is to provide a family-like and child-friendly home for children without caring parents, while promoting healthy physical, emotional and mental development and providing assistance for later self-help. The two houses aim to be a home for the children and at the same time open the way for them to lead a normal life.

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Our support

Current donations




We support the "Hilfe für Rumänische Waisenkinder e.V." by contributing towards the salary of a trained tutoring teacher. The tutor is available to the orphaned children daily for two hours after school and provides assistance with all academic issues. Our annual contribution towards this support is 1,500 €.

Our support ensures that every child receives the necessary attention to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for a successful academic development. With your donations, the orphaned children receive the support they need to master their schoolwork and have fair opportunities for a successful educational path.

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