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Get to know us!


Students for Amani e.V. is a registered non-profit association founded in 2019 in Moers, Germany. Amani means "peace of mind" or "serenity" in Swahili. Our name stands for the fact that children should live fulfilling lives without fears for the future, regardless of their current circumstances.  That is why we financially support socially disadvantaged children and adolescents worldwide so that they can enjoy a high-quality education.

To achieve this goal, we focus on two main points:

  • Working with smaller non-profit organisations that focus on children's and adolescents’ rights, so that they can achieve a greater reach

  • Increasing the transparency of donations, so that donors can be certain that their donation will be used for the intended purpose

We cooperate with other small non-profit organisations and support them financially through previously defined socially sustainable projects. We act as a bridge between these organisations and the donors since we would like to increase the reach of these smaller, but very valuable projects. Our donors can choose their preferred project from our project portfolio and have full transparency for which purpose their money is used.


We regularly keep our donors up-to-date via social media and our newsletter. We also disclose our income and expenses openly. If you would like to learn more about our nonprofit work, feel free to check out our annual report linked below.

Our Values

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That many children and adolescents do not have access to high-quality education is one of the main reasons for the existing poverty and inequality worldwide. To break this vicious circle, we dedicate our work to promoting educational opportunities for those who need them most.

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We want to create long-term solutions for socially disadvantaged children. From our point of view, providing proper education is the best way to achieve this. Moreover, we believe that no one knows better how best to support children than local communities. That is why we work closely with locals and try to understand their situation, rather than imposing our viewpoints and solutions onto them.

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We believe that full transparency is often lacking in the world of charity. Many people would like to donate, but they are uncertain whether their donation will be used thoroughly. We want to counteract this. As a donor, you choose the project you want to support and 100% of your donation will flow into the intended cause. Our permanent donors also have the opportunity to attend our annual meeting to get even deeper insights of our association. You can find here more details about how we ensure maximum transparency.

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Personal contact

We only work with smaller initiatives that can provide us with regular information on how our funding is used, as well as how the children of our projects are doing in daily life. In terms of our donors and supporters, we ensure to provide them with regular updates about our projects and activities through our social media channels and our monthly newsletter.

If you want to read more about our past activities and successes, please click the links below.

*The English version is coming soon

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Our Team

We are always looking for bright and motivated minds who want to make a difference. If you're interested in joining us, take a look to see if there's a position that's right for you or contact us at

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