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Makungu e.V.

Predefined donation goal

Financial education support for eight orphaned children at the Makungu Orphanage in Kenya

Coverage of expenses

Tuition fees including uniform costs and pocket money with a total annual amount of approximately 6,200 €

Financial accountability

Submission of official costs by the schools and immediate collection of receipts upon receiving funding

Makungu e.V. runs a local orphanage in Bungoma, Kenya, home to eight orphaned children. We assist the children by paying for their school expenses including uniforms, and provide them with additional pocket money. By providing financial aid, we give the children the ability to receive a proper education, which will allow them to have a self-reliant life and hope for the future.


The project is managed by locals who are well-versed in the upbringing of children, understand their personal and educational needs, and create a family atmosphere.

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Current donations




Our support

All money donated to the Makungu project in Kenya is used to cover the educational costs of orphaned children. We support a total of eight children from pre-school to secondary school. Our work is already showing success, as some of the children we support have a great chance of continuing their education at a university. This can, and hopefully will, provide them with a way out of the cycle of poverty.

Details of the costs can be found in the following overview. Here you will find a rough representation of these costs and the impact of your donation:


  • 3 € per month covers pocket money for all eight orphans for one school term

  • 10 € per month covers pocket money for all eight orphans for one full year

  • 20 € per month or 240 € covers the education costs for one orphan for one school term

  • 750 € can cover one full school year including uniform costs for one of the orphans

Click here to see detailed information about the amounts transferred to Makungu for the current school year.

(1 € = 135 Kenyan shilling )

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