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Makungu Bild 1 (Folie6)

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Makungu Bild 2 (Folie 6)

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MAkungu Bild 3 (Folie 6)

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Makungu Bild 1 (Folie6)
Makungu Bild 1 (Folie6)

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Interested by this project ? Support it with a donation !

Makungu e.V.

Makungu e.V.  is the first project that we as Students for Amani support. The word Makungu is Swahili and translates into “dawn”. This motive stands for new beginnings, hope, as well as reoccurring chances.

Makungu e.V. takes its name as guidance by supporting a local Care Home in Nakuru, Kenya. The Care Home offers a home to 8 children. Through donations, it is possible to offer these children a life in dignity, and to widen their individual opportunities.

Students for Amani stands in close contact with the founder of Makungu e.V. This enables a tight cooperation, a high level of transparency, as well as the opportunity to evaluate exactly what is needed within the Care Home. Currently, we support Makungu e.V. through financial donations to finance education costs. Through these donations, the children are able to go to good schools, that offer a high-quality education which will yield significant social returns in the future by providing consequent career opportunities.


Currently, the children visit three different schools. The Adventist School, the APG Secondary School, and the Roots Academy in Nakuru Kenya. All schools offer a high-quality education, so that the children can pursue their dreams later on. The majority of the children are still in elementary school and visit the Roots academy. It is a mixed day and boarding school which focuses on three pillars of education: intellectual development, spiritual development, and talent development.

Two of the children of the Makungu Care Home in their dorm at Roots Academy Nakuru, Kenya.

Through our regular contact with the representatives of Makungu e.V. we can track precisely, how the donations are spent and if any more measures need to be taken so that the children can develop in the best possible way.

What the donations we receive cover

  1. Admission Fees

  2. School Fees

  3. School Uniforms

  4. Pocket Money



Current donations

Yearly goal

Every kind of donation can make a difference!


5€ can cover the pocket money for one child for one school term (3-4 months)


15€ can cover the pocket money for one child for one year


85€ can cover the school uniform for a child for one year


200€ can cover one full term of school for one child

The children we support (Due to privacy reasons, no real names were used.)



Neema’s hobbies are quite diverse. She loves to sing, play football,  to cook and to read. Her dream is to study medicine and to become a doctor.

Neema Picture.jpeg


Zawadi is the youngest one at the care home. She is three years old and is a very bright and playful child. Zawadi loves playing with her toys and meeting new people. In January 2020 she started going to preschool. 

We would be grateful for your support by sharing our Instagram, Facebook or by giving a donation.



It is Sarah's dream to become a fashion designer one day, because "they always look perfect" (just like she does!).



John is interested in many different things - from riding a bike and skipping rope to drawing and playing - he seems to be always enjoying his time. In his future he wishes to become a doctor , so that he can take care of other people.



Hannah is as sporty as she is smart! Her hobbies include skipping the rope, swimming, reading, learning and of course singing and dancing! Her dream is to become a teacher one day because she wants to help others achieve an exciting and stable career!



Lilly has one of the biggest hearts. Besides cooking, helping in the household, and reading story books, she very much enjoys to help others and to do good within her community. She also very much enjoys to do music and would like to turn this hobby into her profession by becoming a gospel singer one day.



David's hobbies are singing, playing football, swimming and dancing. When David is older, he would like to become a captain to transport people across water!



Keira's has a passion for travelling, dancing, playing football and food. Keira has a big heart and really loves science class! She wants to become a teacher to combine these two traits and help pupils in need access a good education and understand the subjects and what you can do with it.

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