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Back to School!

Makungu picture 2021

As of the 4th of January, Kenya has opened up schools again. This means that all of the children will be able to return to school. We are really proud of them for managing homeschool so well. As most students across Kenya were not able to attend classes during the pandemic, the government has decided that all the children will start school in the same grade as in 2020. Those kids that usually go to boarding school, cannot stay there overnight at the moment due to COVID-19.

Additionally, until now we have supported 7 children at the care home because the 8th child was too young to go to school. However, she is now in the age of preschool education, which Students for Amani covers as well. Her name is Zawadi, and we will be supporting her throughout her academic career. It is very important that she attends preschool, as this will qualify her to go to a high-quality primary school. Learn more about what she aspires to become in the ‘’Makungu e.V.’’ section of our website!


Finally, since the COVID-19 situation is still quite uncertain, we agreed with the schools to pay the fees monthly instead of upfront for the whole term. By doing so, we won’t have to ask the schools to reimburse us in case new government restrictions forcing them to close down are introduced.


Below you can find a detailed breakdown of the costs to support the eight children for the next three terms.

Education costs Kenya 2021
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