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We have won the Startsocial Consulting Scholarship!

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Our organization has made it into the top 100 best initiatives in Germany at the Startsocial competition. Startsocial is a public institution that operates under the direct patronage of the Federal Chancellery (including Olaf Scholz). As a result, we have received a 4-month Startsocial scholarship, which includes intensive coaching. Our two coaches have supported us from November to February, actively working on challenges and goals. 


Our goal for the scholarship was to strengthen the growth of both our organization in general and our financial resources. Monetary growth is essential for the financial security of our organization, so that we can continue to support our ongoing projects in the long term and also take on possible future projects. Non-monetary growth is primarily a means of expanding our team, increasing awareness of our organization, and improving our image on our social networks. 


To promote both monetary and non-monetary growth of our organization, we focused on the following topics:

  • Improving our partner acquisition to receive more long-term donations

  • Generating more recurring donations

  • Recruiting a new member for partner acquisition

  • Using our social media more strategically.


We mainly focused on laying the foundation for long-term and sustainable development. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work so intensively with our coaches on our goals. We are looking forward to the collaborative partnership and the instructive months ahead!

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