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Students for Amani visited HfRW in Romania

Today we would like to tell you about our visit to the project we support in Sântana (Romania). We chose the Easter holidays as the time of our trip, because the children were still in their Easter vacations and therefore we had enough time to talk to the children, the young people and the people in charge on site. We visited Haus Maria and Haus Josefa and took every opportunity to talk to the people in charge and the children and to spend the Easter holidays together. Of course, we also provided the appropriate Easter chocolates and sweets! 🍬


During our visit, we made a special effort to help the children celebrate Easter in their homes. We coloured Easter eggs and played a great game called "egg slide". The goal of the game is to slide the Easter eggs, coloured in advance, down a slide made of garden spades and into a field of Easter eggs. Whoever manages to knock out their opponents' Easter eggs wins!


Some of the children went to a very beautifully farm located in the mountain region close to the orphanage for a few days. There were horses, dogs, chickens and a wide range of other farm animals that the children could play with under supervision. There was also a huge garden where the kids could run around and play. It really felt like a great vacation stay for the kids!


During our stay, we played various card games with the kids. In addition to card games, soccer as well as other ball games were part of the daily routine. We walked through the village and enjoyed meals together with the children and young people of Maria and Josefa House.


The personal exchange with the children and those responsible was very important to us. We also met the people in charge of Hilfe für Rumänische Waisenkinder e.V. (Help for Romanian Orphans) and had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Toni, the director of the home.


It was also impressive to see how well the Maria and Josefa homes are run and how much work and dedication the local staff puts into supporting and caring for the children. Our donations and support are really needed here and make a big difference in the lives of the children and young people. It was an unforgettable experience and we are grateful for the opportunity to see in person how our donations and support are helping to improve the lives of the children in Sântana. It was wonderful to see how much joy and gratitude the children radiated. It was an experience we will never forget.


We hope that we could inspire you with our visit and our experiences to continue to support Students for Amani e.V. and our project in Sântana.

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